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At 99 Productions, we don't just make content for other people, we also produce and create our own films! Take a look at the films we've made and the ones we have in the works!

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A man, heavily reliant on antipsychotic drugs, survives an alien invasion hiding in the woods waiting for it all to blow over.

When his prescription runs out and the only way to fill it is sitting under an alien spaceship, he must decide which battle to face. The one in his head, or the one in the sky.

run time: 60 minutes


SUPERINDIE Los Angeles Film Awards

March 2021

Winner - Best Original Story

Winner - Best First Time Director Kyle Weingart

Winner - Best Actor Kyle Weingart

Winner - Best Supporting Actor Jared Broxterman

PIMFF - Prague International Monthly Film Festival

February 2021

Winner - Best VFX


LAFA - Los Angeles Film Awards

March 2021

Honorable Mention - Best Indie Feature

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